Document construction differs from the standard typing services in that the documents contain more elements, such as interdocument links, sound files, pictures and tables. Also, instead of the standard ".doc" format, some companies are utilizing Hypertext Markup Language, ".html", as their choice document format--the same language web pages use. Both formats allow for great creativity and flexibility.

SCS can construct your documents in either of these formats, adding practically any elements you want that either you provide or we design. We use Microsoft Word and Lotus WordPro. We can provide the finished product to you on disk, via e-mail or FTP, or printed on standard paper or your letterhead. We can handle mass mailing your document too.

If you have forms that you fill out by hand, consider letting us turn them into document templates. Templates save considerable time and are more legible. Once you start using templates, you'll never know how you got by without them. Not sure what a template looks like?  Click here for an example.

Fees for document construction start at $20 an hour, depending on the complexity of the project. Drop us a note with your ideas and desires, and we can give you a firm quote.



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